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About Smart Horizons

Every company has a story...here's ours.

Smart Horizons, a division of Darwin Global, LLC., is an online education provider and software development company that is changing the face of online learning, employee performance evaluations, and dispatch emergency response on a global level. We serve organizations and individual learners around the world by meeting their education, training, and workforce competency goals through our secure, proprietary learning management system and software environments. Our cloud-based family of software solutions and education products make it easy for organizations to define and individuals to master desired outcomes.

Our past:

Smart Horizons was born as the commercial division of Advanced Systems Technology, a systems and software engineering firm founded in 1984 that specialized in information technology and the development of computer-based training for the Department of Defense and private industry. We grew from disk-based training to web-based solutions, while creating and distributing training for military applications. We have been developing and supporting commercial products since the early 2000s. We have held to high standards with customized, instructionally-sound, technically accurate, media-rich instruction that adheres to proven Instructional Systems Design processes. Our software development teams have always worked closely with partners and customers to create cost-effective, customizable solutions that meet their exact needs. As a result, we have generated long-term relationships with partners and affiliates.

Our present:

Because of the tremendous work done by those in years past, our company is experiencing phenomenal growth. We now serve learners and partners in every state of the union and in dozens of countries around the world. Our customers and partners consistently find that our existing training, curriculum development, learning management services, and public safety software bring decades of industry expertise that enable the highest levels of professionalism and performance. They tell us they couldn't do it without us. We feel the same way about them.

...Our future?

Our future is you. Explore our family of offerings or give us a call today to discover how you can join our growing family of learners and organizations working together to change the face of online education.